“Since the emergence of the coronavirus, our nation has been in a perpetual state of mourning. The number of Americans killed by this pandemic is nearly equal to one death a minute, every minute for a year. Every corner of society has been impacted.” “We have acted swiftly, Madam Speaker, but we have also acted deliberately, guided by the reality that the American people need us to act urgently.” “Throughout this process, Republicans have been completely excluded. I sit on the Committee on Energy and Commerce. I sit on the Budget Committee. I sit on the Rules Committee. Throughout the markups in each of these committees, Republicans offered sincere amendments to improve the bill for the American people, while only two of the 245 Republican amendments offered were adopted, the rule before us today strips out the one amendment adopted by a roll-call vote.” “This pandemic’s tentacles have infiltrated every facet of our communities’ lives. The brilliance of this rescue package is that it understands those complexities and addresses those many needs. For example, since the pandemic began, we’ve seen increased reports of abuse of women and children, so this bill helps fund shelters and refuge. We need this package to end the nation’s suffering. Let’s pass this bill.” “Don’t call it a rescue bill. Don’t call it a relief bill. If you are a friend of the speaker, you do pretty well under this bill, but for the American people, it is a loser.” “Almost every one of this bill’s 592 pages includes a liberal pipe dream that predates the pandemic.” “The American people need to know that their government is there for them. And as President Biden has said, help is on the way.” “Increase in the middle wage is a financial necessity for our families, a great stimulus for our economy and a moral imperative for our country. With that view, it is therefore inevitable to all of us that the $15 minimum wage will be achieved, even if it is inconceivable to some it is inevitable to us.” “On this vote, the yeas are 219, the nays are 212. The bill is passed, without objection. The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.”

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