Drinking enough water every day is something often overlooked because of how basic it is. While there is popular opinion that eight glasses of water daily is optimal, it seems excessive to most people, with the total amount reaching nearly 2 liters.

Earlier this year, experts revealed that the commonly mentioned amount is misleading.

“Fluid requirements vary among individuals based on age, sex, activity level and even where you live,” said Jessica Fishman Levinson, founder of nutrition counseling company Nutritioulicious, as quoted by MSN.

These factors can include daily activities and influence how much water you need every day. In general, The Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink 2.7 liters of water per day, although such large amounts are certainly not mandatory.

In fact, since all fluids count toward the daily intake of water, including the water content of the foods you eat, most people always adequately hydrate themselves simply by following their natural sense of thirst and hunger.

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“Your body absorbs water in foods just like it would liquids,” Levinson said. Common thirst-quenching foods include vegetables and fruits that are juicy, but some foods and drinks can also increase how much water you need.

“Foods with a diuretic effect, such as alcohol and asparagus, may cause you to excrete more water so you may need more,” Levinson added. High-sodium or salty foods also cause thirst because your body retains water.

Common tips to monitor a healthy water intake still prove true, such as colour of urine and natural thirst.

It’s always a good idea to look out for less obvious signs of dehydration too, such as feeling extra hungry, slight headaches, weak or cramped muscles and bad breath from a dry mouth.

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Linked to the feeling of hunger due to dehydration, people often overeat by snacking when they have not had enough water, so weight loss involves always staying hydrated.

In general, it is better to measure the proper daily intake of water as two liters of fluids, because water is already present in those fluids.

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