How to Bet on Sport in Singapore

How To Bet on Sport in Singapore

Singapore Betting Laws

In Singapore, gambling on sports is permitted. But Singapore Pools, a division of the Tote Board, is the only authorized bookmaker to provide such wagering in the nation. In 1968, Singapore Pools were established as a replacement for the country’s unlawful gambling market. As an added bonus, the Singapore Turf Club provides online wagering opportunities for fans of the sport.

The Remote Gambling Act was implemented in Singapore in 2014, making internet gambling prohibited. Online sports wagering and lottery operations were allowed by Singapore Pools back in 2016 after receiving an exemption.

In addition to Singapore Pools, lots of new international sportsbooks allow Singaporeans as well. Singaporeans carry on to use such websites despite them being outlawed by the Remote Gambling Act.

Which Sports Do Singaporeans Like to Bet On?

Before we get into the list of the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore, it’s important to note that it is crucial for you to carry out your own research regarding all the sportsbooks available. In order to find the top 10 safe betting sites for Singapore players, we would recommend checking out reliable trusted sources as they will give you the opportunity to choose a betting provider that meets your betting demands. With a vast range of sportsbooks currently on offer, it’s important to choose trusty sites to wager. The following are some of the well-liked sporting events on which gamblers in Singapore place bets.


Football is this nation’s most famous sport to watch and wager on.  Even though the Singapore Premier League (SPL) is frequently accessible for wagering, many bettors choose to place their wagers on prominent international tournaments such as the La Liga (Spain) and the English Premier League. The amount of money wagered on European soccer’s Champions League and other international events, such as the World Cup, is enormous.


Basketball has remained a popular sport in Singapore, and the nation’s national team has occasionally done quite well in national competitions. However, you may place a bet on big basketball tournaments taking place all over the world through online wagering websites. Aside from the NBA in North America, several bookmakers also accept betting on Asian and European basketball competitions.


If you compare Singapore’s interest in cricket to that of Indonesia or other national neighbor competitors you’ll see that this game is fairly well known. Test matches, ODI, and domestic competitions such as the Premier League of India may be gambled in Singapore. Big global events, like the Cricket World Cup, are also open to wagering.

Other Sports

You may wager on a wide range of sports in Singapore. Many overseas bookmakers provide badminton, particularly during large tournaments such as the Olympics. In addition to football, rugby is also a popular choice for bookmakers. If you’re looking for a place to wager on significant horse racing from across the planet, certain bookies may provide separate sections for this type of wagering.

Foreign Bookmakers vs. Singapore Pools

When it comes to wagering on sports in Singapore, the Singapore Pools are already known. Online and in-person sports wagering are also offered by this state-owned lotto. International bookies, on the other hand, provide various benefits to citizens of Singapore when it comes to placing wagers.

For starters, entry to Singapore Pools is limited for anyone under the age of twenty-one. Although you may make bets in person with the providers at the age of 18, you must wait till you turn 21 years old to be able to register an account online. Most overseas bookmakers, on the other hand, begin taking wagers at the age of 18.

You’ll also discover a number of benefits to wagering on international websites. However, international websites enable bettors to wager in a wide variety of sports whereas Singapore Pools exclusively provides bets on motorsports, football, and horse racing. The chances at these non-Singapore casinos are frequently better as well.

Other than that, the Pools do not provide any one of the types of incentives and promos offered by foreign corporations. With all these points in mind, gambling with international bookmakers may be a lot more fun and rewarding for oneself.

Deposits and Payouts at Foreign Bookmakers

All of the top international bookies allow you to fund your account in a range of methods. Singapore locals are especially fond of a handful of such choices.

Internet banking is at the head of the pack. Most wagering websites allow you to deposit money from your bank account to the gambling website using an internet banking transfer from any of Singapore’s big banks.

Using an e-wallet is an additional popular choice. With these solutions, you may open a virtual bank account in which you can save your cash. Skrill is the most common of these, however additional options might be offered at certain websites.. You may deposit funds to your e-wallet in a variety of ways and use those funds to make deposits at overseas bookmakers or to cash out your earnings.

There are a few others besides those two that can be used. Deposits may be made with a debit card or a credit card at any Singapore wagering website. This is a simple and convenient way to deposit money, however not all banks accept wagering transactions.

Players without credit cards or bank accounts often turn to other payment methods. You might be allowed to use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to deposit cash, for example. Alternatively, you can place deposits using vouchers or prepaid cards that you can acquire from stores either in person or online.

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