'I am so proud to be Singaporean': Yvonne Lim cries singing Majulah Singapura in family's first NDP since moving to Taiwan

Yvonne Lim was overcome with emotion at the National Day Parade (NDP) 2022 surrounded by fellow Singaporeans all singing the national anthem Majulah Singapura in unison. 

The 45-year-old wrote in an Instagram post today (Aug 17): “I am humbled to be greeted and surrounded by fellow Singaporeans welcoming me back home.”

The homegrown actress has been living with her Taiwanese husband Alex Tien and two children in Taiwan since 2015 and this is their first time attending the NDP in person as a family. 


They returned to Singapore in July; while Alex and the kids will go back to Taipei later this month, Yvonne will be staying here until October or November to film the drama Strike Gold. 

“I still can’t believe our luck when we managed to receive tickets at the very last minute for this memorable last show on the Float,” she wrote, adding that she originally regretted not being able to bring her family to the show.


Among the photos she shared of the family at NDP, her last video showed her getting visibly emotional and wiping away tears while she sang Majulah Singapura.

“I am so proud to be Singaporean,” she wrote. “I am in awe of how beautiful my country is.”

As both her children have been raised in Taiwan all their lives, she wrote, “I am so happy my kids remembered our Singapore National Pledge and can sing Majulah Singapura.”

While she gave birth to her son Alex Junior (AJ) in Singapore in December 2014, the family moved to Taiwan in May 2015 when he was still a baby. The couple’s daughter Alexa was born in Taiwan in January 2017.

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An Instagram user commented on the post: “Although you married and moved to Taiwan, your love for Singapore has continued to grow, which deeply touched me. We are proud to be Singaporeans.” 

Yvonne responded: “I won’t forget my home… thank you, my fellow Singaporean.”


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