'I can just do whatever I want': Joanne Peh says having alone time is good for relationship with husband Qi Yuwu

When you’re married with children, it can be hard to have time for yourself. That’s why local actress Joanne Peh enjoys having time alone when she can.

In a recent episode of Just Swipe Lah with Juin Teh, the 40-year-old shared her thoughts on being away from her family for filming overseas.

She married actor Qi Yuwu in 2014 and they have two children aged six and seven.

“The last time I travelled overseas by myself, my children were still young. They didn’t have an impression of my leaving, it wasn’t that strong,” said Joanne, who travelled to Australia in February this year for the drama Shero.

Her children “especially miss” her this time and were even counting down to her return.

Joanne, on the other hand, called it a “fresh experience” and was enjoying the time to herself: “I also quite like this alone time. I think for both my husband and I, having our alone time is also very good for our relationship.”

“He can also do his own things. He won’t feel a responsibility to have to accompany the wife, because the wife is not around,” she added.


For Joanne, being away meant that she can have a drink without having to ask Yuwu, 43, if he wants to join in.

“I can just do whatever I want. I think it’s also very relaxing,” she mentioned with a smile.

Of course, the perks of the job didn’t come free.

“I’m glad that my husband is also an actor. He will be very understanding, because filming overseas is not easy and you have to race against time, every second counts,” said Joanne.

She added that she ended up being more tired due to this, hence Yuwu was understanding when she didn’t communicate with the family as he wanted her to be in a “good” condition.



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