'I don't dare to complain': Former TVB actress Lee Fung, 69, grateful to be living in old folks' home

Perhaps many of us would consider living in an old folks’ home to be a last resort, but a former TVB actress feels blessed to do so.

Hong Kong media website HK01 recently tracked down Lee Fung after a netizen revealed she’s currently living in a home for the elderly.

In an interview published on Jan 26, the 69-year-old veteran — known for playing “evil mother-in-law” roles and for dramas such as Hippocratic Crush (2012), Ghetto Justice (2011) and Another Era (2018) — revealed she has lived at the home for nearly a year.

“The environment is decent… I am considered fortunate as I have my own room and have my personal space. This is precious to me,” Lee Fung said.

She added: “I don’t think I’m pitiful. In fact, I’m thankful. I have a place to stay, what more can one ask for? Some of my friends are unhappy in their final years, I feel deeply about that and hope that I will not be like that… Now, I get three meals a day, so I am really grateful! I’m thankful and I don’t dare to complain.”

Lee Fung is no stranger to the highs and lows in life. According to media reports, she originally lived a comfortable life with her husband — who worked in clothes manufacturing — as well as their son and daughter. But her husband’s business failed and she had to sell off her dowry and jewelry.


Her husband subsequently got obsessed with buying shares and lost huge sums of money, and the family experienced two bankruptcies.

Fung also shared in an interview that she had neglected her children, leading to strained ties but she has since patched up her relationship with her son.

Ten years ago, she discovered a tumour in her head and underwent surgery. Even though the surgery was successful, she was left with short-term memory loss.

Returning to acting

Lee Fung also told HK01 that she hopes to return to acting.

She added: “I tried my best to overcome tough periods and my sickness. It was so terrible previously, I injured my back, I was limping and I was broke, but those tough times have passed.


“I’m not cursing myself but I hope I don’t live that long. But life is unpredictable, I don’t get to choose how long I live for… I’m glad that I’m still alive and breathing. If I’m able to, I wish I can do a few more things too.”

However, there is a limitation at the old folks’ home: she has to apply for permission before she leaves the compound.

Lee Fung explained: “The biggest flaw here is that there isn’t much freedom due to the regulations. I can’t blame them for being strict. After all, if everybody goes in and out freely, it’s hard for them to manage things.

“Many of the other residents here will sneak out. I seldom do that, I feel that I should abide by their regulations. If I need to attend banquets, some annual get-togethers or charity visits, I will apply for permission beforehand.”

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