'I don't understand why': Jolin Tsai stunned after trying century egg latte in China

Just when you thought that the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa milk tea is one of the weirdest drinks you have ever heard of (and tasted) in your life, there are actually stranger ones.

Such as the century egg latte, which Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai tried in Nanchang, China, recently while on her Ugly Beauty World Tour.

In a video posted on her social media yesterday (June 12), the 43-year-old was introduced to a variety of local dishes, including the drink, which was presented to her as a light brown concoction topped with a century egg on a skewer.

“It’s so special, is adding the century egg the same concept as the pearls in bubble tea? Is it sweet or salty?” Jolin wondered, smiling.

As she took a sip of the latte, she lost her smile as her face scrunched up and she expressed her disgust.

“It’s so weird! I don’t understand why it’s made this way”, she laughed tactfully, after drinking some water.

She also recommended her staff to drink it, sharing that it’s “amazing”.

Considered part of dark cuisine, which is a phrase used to refer to bizarre food or food combinations, the century egg latte is a trend that started in China in mid-2023 and is usually made by smashing a century egg at the bottom of the serving glass, adding ice, milk and dripped coffee and topping it off with a whole century egg.

While most people found it strange, there were others who were acceptable of it, though they collectively agreed that it was not something they would ever drink again.

Other strange coffee combinations include spring onion coffee, a trend which started in late 2023 and is made in the same way as the century egg latte.

There is also chilli latte, which was the trend earlier this year, with coffee topped with whole chillies or sprinkled on top of whipped cream.

Other cafes also had lattes served in green capsicums.

The list goes on and only gets stranger. Besides coriander coffee, there are also octopus coffee — with a whole plump octopus soaked in it, pickled Chinese cabbage latte, stinky tofu latte, satay paste latte, Lao Gan Ma coffee, chopped garlic coffee, oysters Americano and braised pork latte.



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