‘I lost my hair and gained belly fat’: Jay Park on ageing and becoming a ‘hip uncle’ one day

The passage of time ravages us all, including K-pop stars.

Even former 2PM rapper-turned-entrepreneur Jay Park thinks his physical peak was a few years ago.

In a recent video interview with GQ Korea, the 35-year-old was asked what his favourite aspect about himself was, and he responded: “[Me] about four years ago?”

Laughing, he elaborated: “I liked it when I was young and had abs.”

Regarding what his concerns were as he got older, Jay responded: “I lost my hair and gained belly fat.”

On a more serious note, however, he did say that his best attribute is his ability to “challenge things without being scared”.

“I like that aspect of myself, but it can be really painful. That’s very ironic, right?”

Jay was interviewed alongside K-pop stars Zico (Block B) and CL (formerly of 2NE1), and actors Wi Ha-jun and Yoo Ah-in to discuss how their 2022 went, and their hopes for the future.


Despite lamenting about his physique, Jay is still looking forward to growing older and turning 60.

He said: “I want to be a man who lives a healthy and happy life, and become an ahjussi (uncle) — a hip ahjussi.”

‘It comforts me when I have a hard time’

2022 has been a year of many achievements for Jay.

In March, he announced through a YouTube video that he was establishing his new music label More Vision.

In the video titled More Love, More Laughter, More Vision, he said: “I want to create something that will be loved by the world even more — rewrite history, break records, and become the first of the first.”

Jay is a connoisseur of not just hip-hop and dance but of drinks as well, as he started his own soju brand named Won Suju this year.

With the brand selling more than a million bottles within half a year, Jay tweeted: “Can’t wait to get it overseas next year”.

In the video interview, Jay added: “It’s not easy to try new things after being in the industry for 14 years.” His most frequent thought this year was: “It must be hard, but I’m excited.”

He also revealed he had “a lot of worries” this year, but whether something good or bad happened, he had a lot to learn from his experiences.

“It comforts me when I have a hard time,” he revealed, saying that he could turn a crisis into an opportunity. “I have the willpower to endure hardships and live well now.”

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