'I really wanted to have a space of my own': Hayley Woo shows off gaming room, a 'selfish' sanctuary not shared with twin Jayley

Twins may have once shared a womb, but even the closest of siblings need some me-time.

When it comes to actress Hayley Woo, she has her own gaming setup not shared with twin (and fellow actress) Jayley.

In a house tour with Overkill Singapore, the 30-year-old showed off her gaming enclave, tucked away behind the living room of the family’s 5-room DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) HDB flat.

Hayley said: “I know it’s a bit selfish, but because I really wanted to have a space of my own — although I have a twin sister and she doesn’t game often — I was like, ‘I don’t care, I’m going ahead with this idea.'”

The gaming room is separated from the living room by partitions and a sliding door.

It’s not just her sister she needs respite from in her gaming room, as Hayley explained in a recent video on her YouTube channel.

“[The door] also helps reduce the noise a little bit, if my parents are watching TV. So when I stream on Twitch or whatever, it can help block out some of the noise,” she said.

In true gamer fashion, Hayley also has blackout curtains to keep out the pesky daylight and purple curtains to use as backdrop in her streams.

Most of her gear — from the monitors to her microphone — is pink (Hayley’s favourite colour) and Sailor Moon-themed, including a figurine inside the custom-painted PC tower itself.

The differences between the twins don’t just stop at video games. While Hayley and Jayley have some matching furniture, like their wardrobes, only one of them requires windows in her room.

Showing off her bedroom to Overkill, Hayley said: “My room is a bit special because it has no windows. Most rooms have windows but, to me, I think I need storage space more.”

Instead, she has cupboards to store her bags and a vanity with light bulbs where a window should be.

Recommending the latter as “freaking awesome” for all girls, Hayley said: “When you all do makeup, you don’t want to do it at home thinking that your face is white, but when you’re out you realise it’s warm. So it’s very important for us to have this.”


Hayley has storage space under her bed as well, which Jayley doesn’t with her adjustable bed frame.

“I don’t have that because I need the storage space. In order to have this, you can’t have anything below your bed,” she said about Jayley’s bed. “She doesn’t have as much stuff as me, so she opted for this.”

In lieu of extra storage, Jayley has windows in her room like most people, according to Hayley, because Hayley is the self-proclaimed “unique and crazy one”.

It is unclear if the twins still live together since Jayley recently got married and gave birth to her daughter Jan.

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