'I think my audience like unglam pics more': Chiou Huey loses 'a lot' of followers every time she posts bikini pics

Most people would expect a young pretty celebrity to gain more followers, not less, when she posts bikini pics on her social media account. But that doesn’t appear to be the case for local actress Ee Chiou Huey.

The 33-year-old often posts comedic videos online but can she be both funny and showing off her hot bod? Chiou Huey feels that her followers may not be open to the idea.

“I’ve always been very conscious when it comes to posting bikini pics because I lose a lot of followers every time I post them (like 100+ sometimes okay hahaha),” Chiou Huey shared candidly in the caption of a recent Instagram post of her posing in a white bikini.


In her post, Chiou Huey explained that she has always restrained herself because she is afraid of people judging her.

“Will this be too much? Am I too loud and crazy? Will this turn people off? Is this content good enough? Am I funny enough? Am I posting too much? Am I posting too little?”

She continued: “I remember being curious and asking some of my friends why they don’t mind posting multiple times a day or why they don’t mind posting certain things, and their answers were pretty much the same, ‘I don’t care lor. I post because it makes me happy.’”

“The sense of freedom they have is what I’ve always wanted. The freedom to do whatever makes them happy and being confident enough to not bother about people’s perceptions of them because they know themselves and that’s enough.”

Chiou Huey then decided that she’s “quite tired of overthinking and doing things to please people rather than myself”.

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“I mean hey it’s just a cute pic and I work hard to maintain my body so why overthink it?”


In the comment section, local actress Kayly Loh commented in disbelief: “Lose followers when posting bikini pics?! Others post bikini pics to gain followers lei!”

Influencer Maddy Breteche also remarked: “Who are the people unfollowing? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

One netizen wrote: “I’m going to be one of the unfollowers but yes I support you doing what you want! Unfollowing you does not mean I do not respect your decision! Like you said you can’t please everyone, we’re all free to have our own opinions.”


Perhaps the silver lining is that comments are largely positive.

In a subsequent Instagram Story, Chiou Huey thanked netizens for their words of encouragement and said: “And yes I really lose followers all the time from posting bikini pics. I am not even kidding, hahahaha. I think my audience like unglam pics more, hahaha.”

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