'I thought it was food': Diner discovers frog eggs in her nasi lemak in Malaysia

When we think about our favourite nasi lemak dish, we think about the fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and served on a banana leaf.

Mouth-watering isn’t it?

But for a diner in Malaysia, it wasn’t so. 

A Malaysian girl, who goes by the username Amirahjer, took to TikTok on Wednesday (Feb 22) expressing her disgust when she discovered frog eggs in her nasi lemak.

In her post, she wrote, “My mom said those are frog spawns. Meanwhile, my partner tried to calm me down by saying that those are basil seeds. I will never eat nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves again”.

However, it was too a little too late as she only realised the frog eggs in her dish when she was about to finish her meal. 

“I thought it was food at first. I was stupid. My mom claimed that those are frog spawns. I was horrified because I’ve never eaten frog spawns before,” she revealed.

Her post caught the attention of many netizens who were repulsed by the images of the frog eggs stuck on the banana leaf of her nasi lemak. 

Many were naturally grossed out.


Some questioned the restaurant’s cleanliness. 


Some netizens also pointed out that maybe the next time they order nasi lemak, they would opt for one to be served on a plate instead of on a banana leaf. 


Amirahjer also shared that she did complain to the restaurant about her discovery and that she showed the photo that she took to the staff who was working at the counter at that time.

“They were also shocked, and even asked if I would like to have anything to make up for it.

“I said I wanted a refund, to which they said that they couldn’t. They offered to replace it with another dish instead.” 

After having such an unappetising encounter, she was certain that she did not want another packet of nasi lemak and she accepted an egg sandwich instead. 

“I left the other pack of nasi lemak on the table. Soon after, the cashier asked the plate that I had used because they wanted to show it to the chef,” Amirahjer shared.

She also mentioned that the eatery that she went was located at World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur.

Wriggling worm on sashimi

A similar incident happened in Singapore recently (Feb 13), when a woman found a wriggling worm on her sashimi at Don Don Donki.

However, the Japanese chain has responded to AsiaOne’s queries regarding the situation and shared that as parasites naturally thrive in aquatic environments, it is “not uncommon to find these in wild-caught fresh fishes and seafood”.

They also mentioned that proper cold chain management are maintained and visual checks are conducted throughout the handling process at the supermarket.

Nevertheless, next time you visit a restaurant, be cautious of what is served to you before devouring it, you might not know what you will bite into.

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