'I won't cry, I don't want to cry': Alec Su named winner in Call Me By Fire Season 2

And we have a winner.

After airing for close to three months, former teen idol Alec Su has come out tops in Season 2 of Chinese reality singing competition, Call Me By Fire.

The 48-year-old former member of ’80s boyband Little Tigers beat out 17 others in the final round to be crowned champion in the finale on Friday (Nov 4), obtaining a grand total of 246 points.

Amid the loud cheers and applause that erupted when his name was announced, Alec shared onstage after receiving his award: “I won’t cry, I don’t want to cry… I never thought I’d have the opportunity to perform on stage again… Thank you to everyone for the validation.”

Alec, who has been forging a path in the Chinese entertainment industry in recent years, had previously shared how he actively lost weight to join the competition.

He also revealed secrets for maintaining his youthful looks, such as avoiding the sun and doing mouth exercises, among other tips.


Alec pipped Van Ness Wu for the win in the finals, with Julian Cheung grabbing third spot.

Season 1 winner Jordan Chan, who came in fourth in the competition this time around, won the Best Captain X-Leader award while Alec, Julian and Van Ness were named Most Popular.

Fans of the show commented that Alec’s win was well-deserved due to several factors, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Among the reasons provided was how Alec gave his all in every performance, tackling every detail from a “director’s perspective”, shared netizens. They noted that he was also very thoughtful toward his team members.

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The second season of popular reality TV show featured an international cast including Singapore’s Huang Yida, who was unfortunately booted out in the earlier rounds of the competition. 

Taiwanese singer Richie Jen and Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam were also among the well-known names in this season’s cast.

The number of participants was whittled down from an initial 32 participants, and only 17 remained during the finals.

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