‘I’ll make sure not to bob my head too much next time,’: Singapore actor responds to mockery from CPR fail scene (Video)

A Singapore-based actor in the center of mockery has responded to his questionable acting in an intense life laugh or death scene. 

Malaysian actor Zhang Ze Tong yesterday defended the act of him administering CPR on a dying patient in an episode of Mediacorp’s Chinese-language television drama Healing Heroes

In the emotional scene aired recently in episode 23, Zhang, who plays a newbie doctor, was filmed trying to conduct CPR on a female patient but when doing chest compressions, only his head was bobbing up and down and his hands were not moving.

It was revealed that the patient died after.

Zhang responded in a TikTok video that the director did consider filming from different angles and that it could not be helped.

“I think the full frame and camera angles were also something that the director had considered at that point so this kind of situation is difficult to avoid,” he said in Mandarin.

But the note was taken and he said he will “not bob his head too much next time.”

@mediacorp What are @zetongteoh’s thoughts about his CPR scene? #Whattowatch #HealingHeroes #医生不是神 #mediacorp #meWATCH ♬ original sound – Mediacorp

Zhang then proceeded to try to redeem himself by demonstrating CPR again, but this time, on Singaporean actor Herman Keh. But Keh yelped in pain when Zhang began pressing down on his chest.

“You see, you really can’t press it down completely. If you really press down, my heart might stop, it really hurts,” Keh said.

The scene blew up after a Redditor reposted the clip last week which garnered many criticisms and mockery from users. One asked: “Why is he bobbing his head like a pigeon?” and others thanked the Redditor for making their day.

Some also defended the actor saying that it’s just a show and if he were to push down on the patient’s chest for real, her ribcage will crack.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think he can do actual CPR also, some of the people who received CPR ended up with broken/cracked rib cage,” user Prime5119 wrote.

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