'In case you weren't sure we are twins': Jayesslee's Janice Lee shows how telepathy with Sonia is 'for realsies'

Twins — they may have once shared a womb but do they share brainwaves?

Janice Lee certainly thinks so when it comes to her and twin Sonia buying groceries.

The Korean-Australian singer uploaded an Instagram Reel yesterday (Jan 10) captioned “It gets weird sometimes” with an alien emoji.

“In case you weren’t sure we are twins,” the video read, as the 36-year-old held a box of ice-cream to put in the fridge.

Here’s the catch: The fridge already had the same ice-cream in it, bought by Sonia.

“We bought the same ice-cream on the same day, but this is the first time either of us have chosen this ice-cream,” the text on the video said.

That’s not all, because the video text then read: “Not to mention our current banana situation” while the camera pans on several bunches of the fruit.

Janice clarified in the comments: “First time we bought these exact bananas too.”


Janice and Sonia are best known for their acoustic covers on YouTube as the musical duo Jayesslee. Living in Sydney, the twins are single mums of two sons each, Janice’s Shane and Conor and Sonia’s Jordon and Levi.

Janice hashtagged the post “telepathy is for realsies” and their followers who are twins themselves agreed in the comments, with one reading: “My twin and I show up wearing very similar clothes!”

Janice responded that she and Sonia don’t shop for clothes together, but they still “choose the same things”.


Thankfully, Janice joked that the telepathy doesn’t extend to “feeling each other’s paper cuts”.

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