The actions of a family of tourists sparked outcry amongst fellow Indians on Saturday (July 27) when a video showed them getting busted for stealing various items from a Bali hotel.

In the clip, a hotel staff member can be seen perusing through the family’s luggage, uncovering multiple objects and fixtures belonging to the hotel. The recovered items include bottles of liquid soap, mirrors and even a hairdryer, some of which were meticulously wrapped with towels, according to The Straits Times.

Members of the family can also be heard shouting at the staff members even after multiple attempts by someone appearing to be the hotel manager to get the tourists to cool down and stop yelling.

According to Zee News, the family had denied the theft and claimed ignorance. It was only after the staff members threatened to call the police did the family apologise and offer to pay for the items, but the staff refused to take their money.

“I know you have a lot of money, but this is no respect,” he replied.

A man could also be heard angrily saying, “I would have bought you items worth Rs 50 lakh (S$99,600). Did you steal all this to store your pickles?”

Slipper-clad thief posing as guest steals from Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel

The video was first posted by Twitter user Hemanth and has since garnered 350,000 views. He called to have passports of such tourists cancelled as they “erode (their) credibility” while adding that “a booklet on the do’s and don’ts during international travel is urgently needed”. His sentiments were echoed online by many other compatriots. 

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Television host and actress Mini Mathur was one of the first to speak up in response to the incident, calling them “the worst example of entitled Indian travellers who are a disgrace to the image of (her) country.”

Former Miss India Gul Panag also shared that she was shocked but not surprised, stating other instances of hotel theft her friends had witnessed.

Some netizens were also quick to point out that hotel theft was commonplace everywhere and not something exclusive to Indian travellers. However, others believe that the act being common doesn’t make it right, and by coming under the spotlight, the family had brought great shame to them.

It definitely isn’t the first time when things have gone missing from hotels. Even so, it goes without saying that theft in any form is unbecoming, and what can or cannot be taken from a hotel should be common sense. 

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