Indian-origin man goes missing after reaching summit of Mount Everest

A mountain climber has reportedly gone missing after reaching the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal, his family said on Saturday.

Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, an Indian-origin man set out on an expedition from Singapore — where he resides — to climb the highest peak in the world last month. On Friday, when he climbed the summit, his family said that he had gone missing.

According to reports, Mr Dattatraya seemed to have suffered frostbite and altitude sickness.

The petition, made by one of his cousins Divya Bharath, states that on the way down, Mr Dattatraya got separated from the rest of the group he was travelling with, and resulted in him having “fallen down at around 8,000m, likely onto the Tibetan side of the mountain”.

Ms Bharath said that a team of sherpas began the search operations on Saturday morning “but we realise we have got to do more and act faster”.

The petition, titled “Let’s bring Shrinivas back” states that he had been preparing himself “rigorously” in the past year. It adds: “We need a special rescue team that is trained to operate in such risky terrain, as well as to ensure that this whole rescue op is not hindered by diplomatic paperwork (given Tibet, Nepal).”

It further states that “only with their support can we ensure that Shri is found as soon as possible.”

Channel News Asia reported that Mr Dattatraya was part of an expedition organised by Seven Summit Treks, a Nepalese company that offers guided climbs on Mount Everest and other mountains.

News site BNN said that on the way down, he disappeared from the site. His sherpa guide, however,  managed to reach the final camp situated between Mount Everest and Lhotse mountain, at 8.00pm on Friday.

According to Nepal’s tourism department, more than 400 climbers have already reached the top since last Saturday.

Mr Dattatraya’s wife, Sushma Soma shared on her Instagram story: “Guys I need your more than ever. My husband is missing at Everest and we are racing against time to get the rescue efforts moving.” She shared the petition and urged followers to “please sign this petition and spread it to your circles”.

Ms Soma, 36, told The Straits Times: “Through his satellite phone, he told me that he had made it to the summit. But then he followed with bad news, saying he would not be able to make it down.”

She added that he told her he had come down with high-altitude cerebral oedema (Hace), a severe type of high-altitude illness that could prove fatal.

CNA also reported that the authorities have been in close contact with the climber’s family, local authorities in Nepal and emergency medical services since Friday evening.


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