Indonesian doctor caught for allegedly ejaculating into roommates' food

An Indonesian woman and her husband were in for a nasty surprise when they found out that their roommate had allegedly tampered with their food.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the accused is a resident doctor at a university hospital in Semarang, Central Java, and he allegedly ejaculated onto their food. He has since been reported to the police for sexual harassment.

The wife’s legal representative, Nia Lishayati, told Indonesian media that her client became suspicious when she observed that their food cover moved while the couple was away.

She initially thought that it was a cat or a mouse but dismissed it as there were no domestic animals in their apartment

This led her to set up hidden cameras around the house and the camera footage revealed a more horrifying discovery. The wife saw her roommate peeping at her while she was in the shower, masturbating, and then ejaculating onto their food. 

“You can imagine the victim and her husband, eating food that is mixed with sperm in the long term. This leaves the victim traumatised and depressed,” Lishayati explained.

It was reported that the doctor rented an apartment with the victims to cut costs while living in the city.

His motivations, as well as the number of times he committed the act are unknown. 

However, it was reported that the Indonesian doctor first ejaculated onto his roommates’ food in October 2020, and a report was made against him to the National Commission on Violence Against Women in December 2020. 

The Central Java Provincial Police also told Coconuts Jakarta that investigations are currently ongoing. Under Indonesia’s criminal code, the doctor could face up to two years and eight months in prison if convicted. 

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In 2019, police in West Java arrested a man suspected of throwing semen at several women, in a case that became known as ‘sperm terror’ on social media. 

He was eventually charged for sexual harassment in public, but was also found to have allegedly groped women’s breasts.

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