Wan Saiful Wan Jan (centre) with Shahril Hamdan (right) and the moderator during the online forum organised by Sinar Harian today.

PETALING JAYA: The information chiefs of Umno and PPBM were at odds over Umno’s treatment by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government with the former claiming his party was often snubbed when it came to decision making.

Shahril Hamdan of Umno also said they were frequently attacked by PPBM leaders whom they thought of as allies in the current administration.

He alluded to a call made by a PPBM leader for Umno to be probed over a secret slush fund.

“It was a hint that Umno’s status could come under question or the party may even be banned.

“Such hints are inappropriate by an individual or party which is at the helm of the government and which also acknowledges Umno’s strength,” he said at a forum tonight.

Last week, PPBM Supreme Council member Muhammad Faiz Na’aman called for an investigation into an allegation of a secret Umno slush fund.

Faiz said the allegation of the secret bank account would implicate former Umno presidents, and was a betrayal of Umno’s members.

The allegation of a secret bank account was made in a suit filed by the government to seize funds that were allegedly linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Umno had claimed that the money the government wanted to seize belonged to the party.

Shahril also said his party was not consulted or informed of any big decisions by Putrajaya. However, he did not identify what were these decisions, simply saying that viewers could “guess them”.

Shahril’s counterpart, Wan Saiful Wan Jan denied his claims, adding that the responsibilities in the PN government were divided equally.

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“The accusation that Umno had been ignored is not true. Umno must make a lot of sacrifices in the PN government.”

He also called on Umno to stop issuing statements that could create a schism and spark a crisis for the government.

Any issues, Wan Saiful said, must be resolved internally.

“The people are fed up. The rakyat will believe we only think of ourselves,” he added.

The relationship between the two parties remains wobbly following a series of spats.

Things came to a head early last month when most of the Umno divisions called for the party to cease its cooperation with PPBM.

The Umno Supreme Council then said any decision on the party’s support for PPBM was to be finalised at its annual general assembly, which was scheduled to be held on Jan 31 but has since been postponed due to the movement control order (MCO) and the emergency.



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