Injured Mirror dancer’s condition improves from critical to serious, but he only has 5% chance of full recovery

The condition of Mo Li, the dancer who was more severely injured at Mirror’s concert in July, has improved from critical to serious, but doctors have said he only has a 5 percent chance of full recovery. 

Responding to media inquiries on Monday, a spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth Hospital said that Li is still in an intensive care unit of the hospital but his vital signs are stable. 

Li was injured in the head and neck at the boy band’s concert after a huge video screen fell on the middle of the stage in the Hong Kong Coliseum during a performance. 

While the dancer’s condition has improved, his father, Reverend Derek Li, said in a prayer letter posted on social media on Sunday that his son only has a tiny chance of making a full recovery. 

The older Li said that after both Western and traditional Chinese doctors said after assessing his son’s condition for a month that there was a 95 percent chance that his son’s nerves could not fully recover. 

“[We] can only hope for God to continue to heal him,” the pastor said.

He added that his son will undergo acupuncture treatment this week, but he said that the traditional Chinese medical practitioners cannot be sure they can help his son fully recover. 

Li also said that every time his family visits his son, there is an indescribable sadness. 

“It’s because we think of how [our] active son is now lying helplessly on the bed, with most of the time spent looking at the cold ceiling,” he said. 

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He also said his son has difficulties sleeping.

“He has to wear a neck brace for a long time, causing pain at the back of his head, which affects his sleep. Having too much concentration on one’s breathing also affects [his sleep],” Li added.

Besides prayers for his son’s condition, he also asked for prayers for their family and for authorities to find out why the accident happened and to follow up appropriately. 

A government task force looking into the matter said two weeks ago that the use of poor quality cables, issues with how the cables were installed and an error in the reported weight of the LED screen are among the possible causes of the accident.

But the task force said it was not fair to put the blame on anyone at this stage as investigations by both the task force and other government departments are still ongoing.

Li said a consolation was that, while his son was “severely injured, he is still alive, and his family can walk together in adversity”, adding that his family has gotten closer.