iPhones to come in new colours 

Every first quarter of the year, Apple tends to release new colours for their baseline and pro iPhones. This year, the rumours are that there is a new colour option. What’s more, it will be in yellowish-gold; not similar to the gold colour option that is already available on the pro models.

According to MacRumors, the potential unveiling of a fresh colour variant for the iPhone 14 will be made public through a press release on the Apple Newsroom website this week. It will be coinciding with the possible launch of new iPhone cases and Apple Watch band colours for the upcoming spring season.

Apple introduced a brand-new Green hue for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini on March 8, 2022. Furthermore, an Alpine Green shade was released for the iPhone 13 Pro models. It is speculated that this is the midpoint of the current iPhone cycle and that releasing a new colour may generate more sales.

New colours for the iPhone 

On Twitter, netizens are discussing the new colour, but they are not too excited about it. One of them states that “nobody will buy this banana looking iPhone.”

Besides, many are waiting for a potential new colour for the Pro models as the Alpine Green shade is still quite popular even today. Those who are waiting for a new colour will most likely have to wait until the next cycle of iPhones coming out this year.

Rumours about the iPhone 15 Pro models

There are also some rumours out there speculating that a dark red colour option will be available for the next iPhones. Many are excited about this option as it looks elegant and sophisticated by judging the renders made.

Unfortunately, Apple users are complaining that the current iPhone design is stale and boring. Netizens are citing that people will confuse the older iPhones with the newer ones as they look similar.

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