It can happen: Jane Zhang is dating her ex-husband's wedding 'brother'

Her marriage of two years may not have worked out but Jane Zhang’s love life isn’t over.

She’s been dating a violinist who is not only five years her junior, but who was also a groomsman at her wedding to ex-husband Michael Feng Ke.

The 35-year-old Chinese singer admitted to it during a performance on the online variety show The Rap of China. In the song Dear Jane II, she rapped: “My current boyfriend was also the groomsman at my wedding. We would often joke about that.”

Jane was previously married to Feng, who is 18 years her senior.

The ex-couple set up Chinese music company Show City Times where Feng serves as the chief executive officer. However, Jane left to form her new personal studio following their divorce in 2018.

They had been dating for 12 years prior to getting married in 2016, and it was widely known that Jane’s mother wasn’t a fan of the relationship.

The singer’s mother claimed that Feng had lied to Jane as he was married when he first met her, but said otherwise.

She also claimed that he tampered with the shares held by her and Jane in Show City Times, which led to him becoming the majority shareholder.

A media report said that during a recent livestream where Jane appeared, a netizen called her a “mistress” — possibly a reference to the fact that Feng was apparently married when the two first met.

However, Jane was having none of it and said: “The one who called me a ‘mistress’, get out.”



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