Khairul said that it only took about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the student's school. — Picture via Twitter/@aimadazfar
Khairul said that it only took about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the student’s school. — Picture via Twitter/@aimadazfar

PETALING JAYA, Oct 15 — Imagine you’re on your way to school to sit for an important exam, only to find that the road there is jammed. 

Not a pleasant start to your morning. 

That’s exactly what Twitter user Aimad Azfar’s (@aimadazfar) cousin went through yesterday after an accident involving a sand truck in Putrajaya left the road on the way to his school completely blocked.

Thankfully, Aimad’s cousin was “saved” in the nick of time by a kind traffic policeman as Aimad said in his post. 

“Thank you, sir for sending my cousin to sit for his exam even though you were off work. A lorry met with an accident, the road was blocked and his exam was at 9 am. I’m sorry I don’t know the officer’s name, please tag him here if you know him,” said Aimad in the post. 

After Aimad shared the policeman’s act of kindness on Twitter, many social media users reacted to his post, and it garnered over 18,000 shares and 20,000 likes, as many praised the officer for helping the student out. 

Many users said that they were impressed with the policeman for helping the student out and “saluted” him for being a good example to society. 

Others also joked about how “sweet” and “cosy” the student and the police officer looked together on the bike, as the student held onto his waist during the lift to his school.

Not long after that, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) caught wind of Aimad’s post and even identified the officer who gave his cousin a ride to school. 

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While his actions have made him somewhat of an internet star over 24 hours, Constable Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdullah said that he was just doing what any regular person would in that situation. 

“Helping people is just a humanitarian thing to do. As a police officer, it is my job to help people, it’s just that maybe this time more people know about it because our picture was taken,” said Khairul in an interview with Malay Mail.

Khairul, 27, added that he has been overwhelmed by the support and praise he has received online and never expected his actions to go viral. 

“I was resting after my shift when my chief officer called me up and told me to check Facebook because I’d become famous. When I went online, I was surprised to see pictures of me from earlier that day.

“I never thought this thing would go viral and for so many people to know about it. I wasn’t hoping for anything when I helped the kid out.”

Khairul, who has been a traffic policeman at the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division at IPD Putrajaya for the past three years, also said he had just ended his graveyard shift (from 12am to 8am), when a colleague of his was approached by the student’s mother. 

“The accident happened around 7:30am. I got to the scene with the other safety officials and tried to keep everything under control.

“Around 8am, the student’s mother got out of her car and walked over to one of our officers to ask for help to take her kid to school, because he had to sit for an exam and had to be there before 9am. 

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“So I said I would help. I had just finished work, so I was free at that time and gave him a lift.”

A sand truck had toppled over and covered the entire road. — Picture via Twitter/@aimadazfar.
A sand truck had toppled over and covered the entire road. — Picture via Twitter/@aimadazfar.

He added that the road had been completely blocked off, with vehicles unable to move forward or reverse out of the area, which was eventually only cleared off at around noon yesterday. 

Khairul said that the student was very lucky as his school, King Henry VIII College in Cyberjaya, was only 10 to 15 minutes away from the accident area.

Khairul, who hails from Sungai Petani, Kedah, also said that it was the student’s first time riding on a motorbike, which was why he held onto Khairul in the pictures. 

“When the student got on the bike, his mother told me to ride slowly because her son has never been on a motorcycle before and she jokingly told her son to ‘hug’ me just in case,” said the 27-year-old. 



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