'It's none of our business': KL restaurant boss tells diner who found fishing hook in fish head curry

While having dinner at a restaurant, one Malaysian family found something fishy in their food. 

A woman took to Facebook on June 22 to detail her family’s dreadful experience at a fish head curry restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

They had ordered a large serving of curry fish head to share, but while tucking into their meal, her father discovered a fishing hook lodged in the fish head.

Facebook user Lemon Mii uploaded a video of his plate showing the fishing hook, as well as the receipt from the meal. She also tagged the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

“Can you believe it? Luckily my father didn’t put the whole thing in his mouth,” she wrote. 

The woman then called for a waiter, who informed her it was a careless mistake made by the kitchen. 

Although she was not too pleased with the waiter’s explanation, what the boss said truly baffled her. 

According to her, the boss of the restaurant apparently said: “It’s none of our business, it’s the supplier’s problem.” 

The woman wrote: “At first, you said it was the kitchen’s problem, now it’s the supplier’s issue? I really feel bad for the supplier”. 

To make matters worse, the eatery only gave her a RM0.60 (S$0.20) discount on her RM298.60 bill. However, it is unclear if the discount was related to her complaint.

Netizens agreed with the diner, and criticised the boss for being “insincere” for the way he handled the issue. 


Several similar incidents of diners finding fish hooks in their food have been reported over the years.

In 2015, a man in Sichuan, China also discovered a fishing hook attached to a piece of string in the middle of his fish dish, reported the Daily Mail. 

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Alarmed by the discovery, he alerted the waiter who simply told him to “take it out”. 

The boss of the restaurant also told him: “That’s just normal. Those hooks were used to catch the wild fish. Sometimes there are way too many hooks for the chefs to see them.” 

That same year, a woman in New York filed a lawsuit after she found a fishing hook in the fish dish she ordered at a restaurant, reported Business Insider.

The woman, Aliona Russo, had chewed on the piece of fish before realising there was a metal hook, which gave her several cuts on her tongue. 

According to her lawyer, the restaurant apologised profusely and waived her bill.