‘It’s ok,’: Jackson Wang achieves zen mode while getting mobbed by crazed fans in Singapore

A screaming mob of fans throwing themselves at you as you try to walk through a narrow path is clearly nothing new to Hong Kong singer-rapper Jackson Wang, who came to Singapore early to meet his fans ahead of his upcoming concert.

The 28-year-old, who is performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium tomorrow as part of his Magic Man World Tour, was mobbed by his admirers after a fan-meet at The Pavilion at Far East Square yesterday.

In a video posted yesterday by Twitter user K_kmnkmn, Wang can be seen trying to get into his van when an incredibly worked-up fan swoops past security and blocks the performer’s path in an attempt to take a selfie with him.

When his security tries to push the fan away, Wang responds by saying “It’s ok,” repeatedly.

After the fanboy’s multiple failed attempts, Wang helps him by taking his phone and taking the selfie himself. Wang didn’t flinch and remained calm the whole time.

“I cannot breathe,” a girl, who sadly got ignored, screamed from behind.

The fanboy was finally happy and Wang waved goodbye to fans before heading into the van. 

“Aw, how are you so nice, even when you’re swarmed,” the video caption read.

Many who commented on the video were unhappy with the fanboy’s unnecessary behavior, saying that it was “too much.”

“That was intense. Omg Jackson is so kind as always. I think sometimes picture is not [important], we need to give him some space and ask for it kindly but it is just my personal opinion,” Kanu7868790 wrote.

“Omg who [the fuck] is that random guy Jackson still maintained his cool 👍 💯,” Deborahleeyp wrote.

“wtf was that!? [I know] jackson is just too nice, if i were him, I would’ve probably ignored them n get in the car real quick,” Withgotseven_ wrote.

Wang is known for defending his crazed fans when they get out of control by telling security to not push them

During his fan-meet, Wang showed off some of the Singlish that he’s picked up, which he pretty much nailed.

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