‘It’s quite delicious’: Hong Kong singer Joey Yung eats pig feed on mainland Chinese TV show

Joey Yung recently ate pig feed on a mainland Chinese TV show, which she said was “quite delicious”. 

The Hong Kong singer was appearing on a reality television show on Hunan Television that gets celebrities to live in rural environments to experience what it is like living close to nature. 

In a recent episode, Yung was feeding a piglet when she decided to try some of its feed herself. 

After sampling a bit, she let out sounds and expressions, making it clear that she actually enjoyed it, and continued to have a few more sips. 

She then told the show’s crew she did not need to exchange food with them for the next few days as she could just eat the pig feed.

“It tastes like the oatmeal that I like to have for breakfast,” Yung said.

She added that there are a lot of healthy ingredients in the feed, including brown rice and maize.

Yung then checked the nutrition label on the packaging of the pig feed for its ingredients. 

When told the actual feed is different from that mentioned in the packaging, the singer let out a scream, asking what exactly was in the feed she consumed. The crew didn’t answer her, at least on camera.

“But I think it tastes quite delicious,” she added. 

Watch Yung eat the pig feed:


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