'It's too scary': Men in China spray bridesmaids with fire extinguishers in wedding prank

It was meant to be a joyous occasion but two bridesmaids were left crying in a wedding prank gone wrong.

On Sept 20, a wedding entourage arrived at the groom’s home in Shandong, China, and a group of men started to harass the women.

In a video clip circulating on social media, the bridesmaids were heard screaming as the men dragged them out of the car and sprayed them with fire extinguishers. They didn’t stop even after the women fell to the ground.

One of the bridesmaids was seen sobbing as she hugged her knees while the other tried to run as the men chased after her. 

The cries of the women alarmed a passer-by who called the police for help.

“I think we shall stop their violent act. They shouldn’t hurt the bridesmaids for fun,” said the passer-by who filmed the incident.

According to South China Morning Post, the extent of the bridesmaids’ injuries was unclear. While fire extinguishers are generally safe for use, the contents may cause harm if ingested or inhaled.

Local police are investigating the case, Chinese media reported.

After the video made its rounds on social media, netizens flooded the comments section, expressing anger over the wedding prank that had gone too far.

One of them wrote: “It’s too scary. The newlyweds and those men have to take criminal responsibility.”

While some cities in China banned ‘naohun’ — also known as wedding pranks — in recent years, a number of people have persisted with the notorious wedding tradition that hurt participants.

In June, a group of groomsmen sparked public outrage after they were seen tying bridesmaids to lamp posts and lighting firecrackers under their dresses.

The women tried to shield their faces as fire and smoke enveloped them, but no one — including the person filming the incident — stepped forward to help them.

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