Jamus Lim: Melaka has a special place in my heart… not least because my ancestors probably came from there

SINGAPORE: Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) shared photos from a two-day trip taken with Anchorvale and Buangkok residents last week to Melaka, which as he wrote in a Thursday (Sept 7) Facebook post, has a special place in his heart.

And unlike others who endured very lengthy traffic jams on the causeway, the contingent left “bright and early” on Sept 2, and except for a one-and-a-half-hour delay due to a bus breakdown, the journey went smoothly.

“Melaka has a special place in my heart, not least because my ancestors (from Dad’s side) probably came from there (I say probably because our extended family had been in Singapore for so many generations that we’ve pretty much lost touch with any connections there).

Still, being able to touch base with rich Peranakan culture—while simultaneously enjoying a different take on Nonya food—is always deeply appreciated. It is a poignant reminder of how virtually all Singaporeans once hailed from far-flung places, but eventually melded our cultures and traditions into something unique to our Little Red Dot,” wrote Assoc Prof Lim.

He also pointed out Melaka’s mixed colonial history in his post, with the Portuguese, Dutch, and English all having had an influence, having seen that the port has a strategic potential.

Nevertheless, he added that “whether the town would have developed better or worse otherwise is debatable”.

However, the mark that different Europeans left on Melaka’s cultures and traditions are undeniable, with Assoc Prof adding, on a personal note, that this includes his predecessors’ adoption of “Catholicism as the family religion.”

The Sengkang GRC MP ended his post by expressing thanks to the team that organized the trip, “including our volunteer bus captains, who took precious time off their weekends to help ensure that our residents were well taken care of. Also to the guides and drivers, for keeping everyone safe and on track (even through unexpected bus failures!). And of course, to our residents, for joining us on yet another little adventure.”


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