Amid increasing sensitivity to personal information protection, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations has decided to cease the disclosure of an athlete’s height and weight.

“With the growth of the internet, attention is focused mainly on the height and weight of female athletes, used to calculate body mass index (BMI). We are afraid that the information might be misused and take on a life of its own,” the association said in a statement on Monday (Feb 15).

The governing body also said it would stop processing these measurables.

According to the association, it made the decision in January that it would no longer disclose such information and notified its member federations of the policy change on Feb 9.

When posting or putting together such data, the association recommends that member federations clarify how the information might be used and have each athlete agree to terms of use.

This particular information is currently not listed on the association’s official website, and according to a spokesperson, “Height and weight are not necessary elements in holding an athletics competition.”


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