JJ Lin fanboys over his own fangirls, vlogs himself surprising them in cafe

As fans, we’re no strangers to taking fan pilgrimages in order to “check in” to places that our idols have visited before – be it a cafe they’ve dined at or a location in their movie, or even a session at their regular hair salon.

We don’t, more often than not, expect to bag a chance to meet said idol.

Which is why when a fan was approached by JJ Lin, she did the only appropriate thing we all would’ve done. Cry.

Not only did he approach her to say hello, but he also vlogged the entire exchange starting from when the girls walked through the door.

Normally, fans (should they be lucky enough to spot their idols) are the ones to secretly watch their idols from afar, out of respect for their personal space.

Yet, in the hilarious vlog, JJ can be seen quietly filming the two girls, all the while giving a running commentary.

“I have two fans seated behind me,” he whispered to the camera, barely managing to cover his wide grin with his hand. “They most likely saw my livestream and came to ‘check-in’.”

JJ was making a reference to one of his old livestreams, where he was seated in the same cafe.

JJ Lin is most handsome Singaporean man on Asian list

He continued to film them, observing that they’d changed positions, taking the table where he was seated in said stream. Despite how glaringly conspicuous he was (to us at least), the two girls didn’t notice a thing, even as one of them walked past him.

“Turns out I’m actually really good at this hidden camera thing,” he mused.

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He couldn’t help but marvel at the fan’s shirt too, which was actually a VIP exclusive T-shirt from one of his concerts.

PHOTO: Screengrab

Proving that celebrities are just as human as we are, JJ appeared nervous at one point in the video as he took a while to summon the courage to approach the two.

“What if they don’t recognise me? That would be super awkward,” he rambled.

Fortunately, the exchange put his fears to rest as the look of realisation dawned on their faces and one of them was immediately reduced to whimpers.

PHOTO: Screengrab

The starstruck fan, known as Zhang Yuan Yuan, could barely pull herself together to reply to him.

She did, however, manage to thank JJ for his songs that gave her courage and strength during her darker hours after they snapped a few photos together.

PHOTO: Screengrab

Yuan Yuan posted about the incident that very night, gushing about the experience and how she had never expected to see him. She’d even visited his office building prior to going to the cafe hoping to catch a glimpse of him, to no avail.

Translation: I hadn’t even regained my senses when one of the staff told me that while many fans come here to ‘check-in’, I was the only one to have been so lucky to meet the person himself.

Interestingly enough, she had snapped a photo of JJ earlier at the cafe before she realised who he was. She’d only taken the pic as she wanted to show off that she’d sat in the same seat as her idol. 

What an incredible turn of events to have him almost literally walk out of a photo towards you.

Photo: Zhang Yuan Yuan’s weibo

While running into JJ Lin in your neighbourhood is a highly unlikely occurrence, fans in Singapore will be able to catch a glimpse of him at his Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour come Dec 21. Ticket sales will commence on Aug 29 at 10am.

历经 20 座城市的洗礼
圣所 进阶 圣所 2.0


门票将于8 月30日,早上10 点起通过…

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