Joshua Tan meets aggressive bully in Sydney, stands up to him

Yesterday (Nov 28), Joshua Tan uploaded to Instagram a clip of an incident he had with a fellow road user in Sydney, Australia.

In the video, a Caucasian man in a pink sweater could be seen hurling vulgarities at the actor, famously known for playing the role of Ken Chow in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men movies.

“You put the bleeper on up there, you blocked the lane and then you came down here,” the man said before beginning another round of profanities.

He then fronted up to Joshua, seemingly in a bid to be intimidating. The 31-year old did not budge and stood his ground.

Throughout the incident, Joshua’s fiancée, Tay Zoen, was thankfully safe in the car. Joshua also alluded that racism was involved in the mini spat.

In his Instagram post, he wrote: “Racism is not ok, bullying should not be tolerated.

“It is possible to stay calm but also stand up to bullies. Some resorted to aggression and raised voices when confronted by firm restraint.”

The post’s comments section had numerous Instagram users applauding Joshua’s calmness in such a volatile situation. Local celebrities pitched in and showed their love and respect to Joshua and Zoen.

Host Jade Seah said: “Honestly, I cannot believe this racism in the country, in this day and age. Kudos for keeping your cool — must not have been easy! Stay safe.”

“Wow, I am sure it took a lot for you to not beat him up when his face was so close to yours, Josh. So proud of you for standing up for yourself and at the same time, restraining yourself from hurting him,” added actress-presenter Nurul Aini.



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