Jury deliberating in trial of former cop accused of forcing his son to masturbate with him

The judge presiding over the trial of a former Hong Kong police officer who is accused of asking his young son to watch pornographic videos and masturbate with him started guiding the jury on Tuesday. 

According to Oriental Daily, the jury is expected to retire to consider its verdict tomorrow. 

The defendant, who earlier pleaded not guilty to all charges, is charged with seven counts of committing or inciting to commit an indecent act toward his son, who is under the age of 16, and three counts of cruelty to a child as an alternate charge involving the incidents that took place between 2016 and 2018.

The son is now 15 years old.

In guiding the jury, judge Lee Wan-tang pointed out that the alleged victim said the defendant played pornographic videos to him every week, and even every day for a certain period, and asked him to masturbate together. 

The son added that the defendant even livestreamed him having sexual intercourse with his wife, the son’s mother, and forced him to watch it. 

The court also heard that the defendant had used a cane to beat his son and threatened him with a knife so that the son would masturbate with him. 

The judge also said that the key to the case is the credibility of the victim’s words and reminded the jury to consider each charge independently and to consider whether the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before convicting.


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