Just follow law: Bali authorities introduce 'do's and don'ts' card to ensure tourist etiquette

Bali is a holiday hotspot for many Singaporeans. Just a short flight for two hours or so and then you’re transported to paradise. 

But over the last few months, the Island of Gods has made headlines with unruly tourists breaking the law. 

Just last month, a German tourist was arrested for public indecency at the Saraswati Temple in Ubud. She was reportedly denied a ticket to a temple performance. The 28-year-old pushed past security to enter the sacred grounds and then removed her clothes. 

And in April, a Russian tourist was deported from Bali for posting a photo of himself naked from the waist down on Mount Agung. The people of the Hindu-majority island believe the mountain is sacred and the home of their gods.

To combat this string of recent offences and to uphold the cultural integrity of Bali, the local authorities have released a set of dos and don’ts for tourists. 

The dos and don’ts will be available in a card, which will be given to tourists upon arrival at the airport. 

Under the stipulated regulations, all tourists must respect the sacred nature of temples and all other religious symbols in Bali. 

They are also required to dress modestly and wear appropriate clothing when visiting sacred places and tourist attractions. 

What to do and not to do when in Bali 

The released list of dos and don’ts consists of a total of 16 rules, which include respecting Balinese traditions, customs, art and culture, as well as the local wisdom of the Balinese people during rituals and ceremonies.

Another thing to take note is that payments are to be made using Indonesian rupiah and the Indonesian Standard QR Code. 

This is worth highlighting as, on May 29, Bali police arrested the owner of a car rental business for accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

Also, it goes without saying that tourists are to refrain from hurling offensive words and acting aggressively towards members of local communities, government officials and fellow tourists, including on social media. 

Bali has our hearts

Thinking of making your way to Bali? 

Well, better hurry and avoid airfare surges as Singaporeans are already making plans to travel during the period of June to August 2023.  And of course, Bali is one of the top 10 holiday destinations amongst Singaporeans

Singaporean influencers like Nicole Chen aka Nicole Liel has already visited the Island of Gods this year. 

She took to TikTok on March 30 to recount her holiday in Bali with three other friends, as they visited the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud.

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