Kampar Hospital denies giving instructions to turn away patients wearing inappropriate attire, says director

IPOH, Feb 15 — The Kampar Hospital has never issued instructions to its staff or prevented patients who do not comply with the dress code from receiving treatment.

Its director, Dr Khairul Azha Azam said every patient seeking treatment at the hospital is attended to in any condition, especially during emergencies.

“Referring to the incident that went viral on social media regarding a female patient at the triage counter on February 13, preliminary reports found that the woman, in her early 20s, came to the Kampar Hospital’s emergency unit and was checked by the officer on duty.

“She was reprimanded by the officer for wearing shorts. The officer on duty then brought a shirt and hospital gown for the woman to wear temporarily, but she had left the triage counter and informed the other staff that she would seek treatment at a private clinic,” he said in a statement today.

Elaborating, Dr Khairul Azha said, however, the woman returned to the emergency unit and received treatment from the doctor on duty and was allowed to go home.

Following the incident, Dr Khairul Azha said the officer involved had been reprimanded because what he did was wrong and should not be repeated.

He said an announcement had been made to inform all staff to accept patients regardless of their attire and to not discriminate.

In the incident, the woman had gone to seek treatment at the Kampar Hospital but was allegedly told to go home and change her clothes by an officer on duty because she was wearing shorts. — Bernama


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