Keep your baggage under control: Changi Airport launches bag tracking service

Are you the sort of traveler who is constantly anxious about the status of their luggage? Well, you’re in luck. Singapore’s 5-star airport recently launched a bag-tracking service to ease travel woes.

Available under their iChangi phone app, the tracker lets passengers know where their luggage is with status updates for when they depart, arrive or transfer at the airport.

“The iChangi Baggage Tracker utilises a combination of information provided by the airline you travel on and Changi Airport’s baggage system to provide you with a journey of your bags through Changi Airport,” the airport wrote on its website.

All passengers have to do is scan or enter the bag tag number on the baggage sticker issued upon check-in into the app’s Baggage Tracker, then turn on their phone and app notifications to stay updated on the journey of their bags.

Passengers will be notified when the bags are checked in, loaded onto the aircraft and when they arrive at Changi Airport.

The service can be used by passengers of 35 participating airlines although arrival tracking is currently only available at Terminals 2 and 3. Tracking at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4 is still in the works.

The airport noted that most checked-in bags can be tracked except for odd-sized bags, gate checked bags and limited release tagged bags. Those transferring at the airport for a short amount of time and in One-Stop Security transfer flights may not be able to track their baggage as they will be managed directly by the airlines.

The service will track the bags for up to three days after the flight.  

In other (not-so-great) news, taxi companies ComfortDelGro Taxi and Strides Taxi announced on Monday that the S$3 surcharge on taxis from Changi Airport will be extended till June 30 2023. 

This means that passengers can expect to pay up to S$8 in surcharges from 5pm to 11:59pm daily.

If you’re one of those lucky folks, do note that if you’re planning to take a taxi home from Changi Airport when you’re back, your ride could cost up to S$8 more.

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