Keyboard warriors criticise fireman for fumbling with fire hydrant in Bedok fire, other netizens defend him

It’s much easier to talk the talk behind the veil of anonymity and the confines of a keyboard.

That much was clear when a firefighter received criticism online for seemingly struggling to open a fire hydrant during the recent fire at Bedok North

The 41-second video was posted by TikTok user User983317283481 on Friday (May 13).

It has amassed 142,000 views with over 230 comments at the time of writing. 


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The video indicated that the incident occurred at around 6.50am on the same Friday at Block 409 Bedok North Avenue 2.

 A firefighter was attempting to open a fire hydrant on his own with a large-sized wrench. 

However, the process did not look particularly smooth as it seemed like he was struggling to turn a fire hydrant valve.

The firefighter resorted to brute force as he used a wrench to thump the fire hydrant valve.  

Ultimately, it worked as he rotated the valve and opened the fire hydrant. Two other firefighters came to his help as they looked to attach a hose to the fire hydrant.

Apparently, all that wasn’t good enough for some netizens.

Many let their thoughts known in the comments section by either questioning the firefighter’s competencies or simply making fun of his struggles.

“Hydrant man why so slow!” a netizen brashly commented.



On the flip side, a number of TikTok users felt the criticism being lashed out was unwarranted.

It got some of them worked up as they did their bit to defend the firefighter.

“You all want try become fireman or not? Talk so much?” a TikTok user asked rhetorically.




In a Facebook post, MP for the estate Tan Kiat How said that three people, including a three-year-old, have died from the incident.

Tan added that the mother of the family is still in critical condition. 

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