Kindergarten teacher’s car ‘showered’ with instant noodles from inconsiderate dumping of fellow flat residents

A kindergarten teacher was furious after discovering her car was covered with instant noodles. ― Screenshot via TikTok/ NinaKechiik
A kindergarten teacher was furious after discovering her car was covered with instant noodles. ― Screenshot via TikTok/ NinaKechiik

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 ― A kindergarten teacher was furious after discovering her car covered with instant noodles, believed to be thrown from the upper floors of her flat.

Saddened and angry, the teacher, Hazlinayani Abd Manan took to her TikTok to share the unpleasant surprise that ruined her morning.

In the brief 14-second clip, Hazlinayani or also known as Nina can be heard letting out her frustration while showing her car covered with instant noodles.

Nina told mStar that the incident happened on Friday morning when she was heading out to work.

“I noticed something different with my car while I was walking from a distance. As I got closer, I saw the instant noodle mess on my car’s hood and roof.

“I’d just sent my car for a wash and polish a day before. I even waited for two hours for my car and now, it’s covered in leftovers.

“It took me around 15-minutes to clean up the mess because some of the noodles were stuck between my car hood. I could still smell the curry from the noodles and there were curry spots on my car,” she said.

The 23-year-old added that she has lived at the flat in Wangsa Permai, Kuala Lumpur for two years now and she has never faced anything as extreme as this although she has had experience of discovering traces of spit on her car before.

According to Nina, she has tried voicing her problems to the flat’s management and even some of her neighbours who faced similar experience have done the same, but no action had been taken.

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“There was a case where one of the tenant motorbikes was damaged, but no further action was taken because there was no close-circuit television (CCTV).

“All we could do is complain or voice out our problems through the resident’s Whatsapp group. I’m mad because we paid for this parking.

“One of my neighbours had it even worse because he had discovered a used condom on top of his car. This is so uncivilised,” she said, adding that since the instant noodles incident, she decided to park her car outside of her flat area.

Nina’s TikTok video has been viewed over 300,000 times and she hopes that it will spread a sense of responsibility and neighbourly courtesy especially to those who are living in flats, apartments, and condominiums.

Nina was surprised to find out that many shared the same experience as her, with some having it worse when they had to replace their windscreens or pay for repair costs.

“There were also those who commented that ‘it’s a normal thing’ to happen in a flat area. So, is this normal if we lived in a flat? How long must we endure incidents like this if we’re still with our third-class mentality?

“Please be a smart resident. We’re living in an open space, please don’t throw rubbish or leftovers as you will.

“Look after your manners, we’re living in a neighbouring society, so we need to change our attitudes and perceptions and be a little bit more civilised.”


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