Kingdom’s Ju Ji-hoon eyes thriller-fantasy role, Taxi Driver’s Esom in romance series, Oscar-winning Parasite co-writer to direct – K-drama casting latest

The series has been co-written and will be co-directed by indie-film makers Jeon Go-woon – responsible for Microhabitat and Persona – and Lim Dae-hyung, who directed Moonlit Winter.

Esom and Ahn will be on screen over the next few weeks in the Netflix film Kill Boksoon and the cinematic release Rebound, respectively.

2. The Moon that Rises in the Day

Currently on screens in the second season of the hit show Taxi Driver, Pyo Ye-jin may be returning to screens soon in her first full-blown leading role after being offered the co-lead of the coming ENA romantic drama The Moon that Rises in the Day.

Pyo Ye-jin in a still from Taxi Driver season 2.

Pyo Ye-jin in a still from Taxi Driver season 2.

Already cast as the male lead is Kim Young-dae, the young breakout star of The Penthouse, who recently led the entertainment-world romantic comedy Sh**ting Stars.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, The Moon that Rises in the Day will tell the story of a man for whom time has stopped and a woman who can traverse time.

Pyo has been offered the role of Kang Young-hwa, the 19th reincarnation of Han Rita, a character who feels unrequited love for Han Min-oh, the character stuck in time who will be played by Kim.

Following the conclusion of Taxi Driver 2 in April, Pyo has a cameo role in the coming occult drama The Devil with Kim Tae-ri, from Kingdom mastermind Kim Eun-hee.

3. Running Mate

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Han Jin-won, who triumphed in the best screenplay category on the Oscar stage as the co-writer of Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, will make his debut as a director in the upcoming streaming series Running Mate for the TVing platform.

Park So-dam (left) and Choi Woo-shik in a still from Parasite.

Park So-dam (left) and Choi Woo-shik in a still from Parasite.

The series will cover a month in the life of a model student who, seeking to change his reputation, takes part as a running mate in the election for student board president. Unexpected events foist the youth into the spotlight of the hotly contested race.

Running Mate is expected to air at some point next year.

4. Shop of the Lamp

Kingdom star Ju Ji-hoon is considering a leading role in the forthcoming streaming series Shop of the Lamp.

Ju Ji-hoon in a still from Kingdom. Photo: Netflix.

Ju Ji-hoon in a still from Kingdom. Photo: Netflix.

This project is garnering attention for being an adaptation of a work by revered webtoon artist Kang Full (Moving) and because it will mark the directing debut of veteran actor Kim Hee-won – not to be confused with the Vincenzo director of the same name – whose notable supporting roles include 2014 series Misaeng: Incomplete Life.

The story will depict the worlds of the dead and the living, which combine through the mysterious titular lamp shop.

Recently seen in Jirisan, Ju has been especially busy of late, with two films – thriller Kidnapped and disaster drama Silence – awaiting release, new series Dominant Species and Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour in the works, and a spin-off episode of Kingdom called Crown Prince all on his docket.

5. Spirit Fingers

Park Ji-hu in a still from Little Women.

Park Ji-hu in a still from Little Women.

All of Us Are Dead and Little Women actress Park Ji-hu has been offered a leading role in the new series Spirit Fingers, which will be based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

Park is considering taking on the role of Song Woo-yeon, a timid high school student who is very sensitive to those around her and is unable to clearly express her own feelings.

The show will chronicle Woo-yeon’s journey in school, as she discovers what things move her heart, finds her own voice and begins to build her self-confidence after joining an unusual drawing club called “Spirit Fingers”.

Also approached to star in the series are Cho Bo-min, a member of the K-pop outfit Golden Child, who was last seen in the drama 18 Again, and Jo Joon-young, who appeared in the show Live On.

The 12-episode show is expected to begin production in April.


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