KTV or condo? Online quiz on bizarre names tickles netizens

A growing Covid-19 cluster in Singapore has recently brought KTVs under the spotlight.

As authorities clamp down on lounges and hostesses operating illegally during the pandemic, Reddit user Eagleshoes made an observation.

He noticed how KTVs tend to have “really stupid names” and that got the ball rolling.

The Redditor created an intriguing online quiz that tests whether one can tell the names of condominiums and KTV lounges apart.

Take L’Viv for example. Why would anyone think of naming a building or business after a city in Ukraine?

L’Viv definitely exists in Singapore, but we won’t spoil your fun for the quiz.

Quite a number of folks have taken the quiz and here’s what they said:

Some netizens also mused on the aesthetics of the KTV lounges:

While many have acknowledged that it’s a pretty challenging quiz, a Redditor suggested how to up the game with multiple-choice questions. 

Won over yet? Give the quiz a go and find out just how lupsup (Cantonese for sleazy) you really are.

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