Kwasi Kwarteng seeks Treasury support for industries hit by soaring energy prices

Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, has presented a plan to the Treasury for assistance for industries hit by soaring energy prices.

On Monday the cabinet minister made a formal request to Rishi Sunak’s department for support to energy intensive industries adversely impacted by the rising costs of energy, according to Sky News.

A government source confirmed to The Independent that BEIS (Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) had submitted a plan to the Treasury, but details of the proposals were not immediately clear.

It follows an extraordinary row between the two departments over the weekend, with Mr Kwarteng accused of “making things up” during broadcast interviews, after suggesting the Treasury had been involved with talks over support.

But on Monday, No 10 rowed in behind the business secretary, insisting cross-government work was ongoing. “This is a significant challenge, and there’s work across government to mitigate it,” the prime minister’s official spokesperson said.

They declined to elaborate on whether “mitigations” would include financial support, saying: “I’m not going to jump ahead of any future conversations — it’s right that we continue to listen carefully to what industry are saying and have talks across government about whether any action is needed to mitigate the challenges.”

A spokesperson for the British Ceramics Federation said: “We welcome the further call with the secretary of state this afternoon [Monday].

“We are glad to hear that government is considering solutions and we urge them to keep talking with the sector as the situation develops. We eagerly await proposals from government as to how they will help ceramics companies who are grappling with soaring costs.”

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