‘Lady Liberty’ statue goes missing hours after being toppled over

The “Lady Liberty Hong Kong” statue installed at the top of Lion Rock on Sunday has gone missing, apparently just hours after it was knocked over and sprayed with red paint by unknown vandals.

The four-meter statue of a female protester wearing a protective mask and carrying an umbrella and flag has become a symbol of Hong Kong’s ongoing pro-democracy protests. She was installed on Lion Rock in the early hours of Sunday morning, but the following day it emerged that someone had toppled her over.

Apple Daily reported that on Monday some hikers went to Lion Rock to put her back together, but as of yesterday evening, another group of hikers hoping to catch a glimpse of the statue found it had disappeared, with only a few fixtures on the ground and the flagpole remaining.

神像雖歿,精神不滅!#抗暴之戰【「民主女神像」扶正後不翼而飛 疑被掟落獅子山私了】http://bit.ly/2MBZZRf【警員情緒失控…

Posted by 香港蘋果日報 on Monday, October 14, 2019


Apple Daily spoke to the team behind the statue, who said they weren’t too upset about it going missing, saying they had expected it would be destroyed. They added that so many people have seen videos and photos of the statue on Lion Rock that the image of it standing there will live on, regardless.


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