Language politeness in Malay needs improvement, says Education Minister Fadhlina

NIBONG TEBAL, June 22 — Language politeness in everyday conversation among the people in the country needs to be improved to preserve and respect the beauty of the Malay language, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek.

She said the struggle to dignify the Malay language is not only seen in the context of dignifying the national language but it is also important to maintain good manners and morals by saying good words in every conversation, especially on social media.

“(Politeness) in the context of our daily conversation is mutual respect through the use of good and appropriate language, as the northerners would say ‘cakap baik-baik sikit’ (speak nicely). This is the symbol of us as people with high manners and courtesy,” she said at Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka’s 68th anniversary celebration ceremony at the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Seri Nibong here today.


Fadhlina said DBP’s theme for its anniversary celebration this time is ‘Kesaktian Lidah Rakyat’ is seen as very significant as it coincides with DBP’s struggle to dignify, defend and improve the special position of the Malay language.

She said the DBP has gone through carrying out its functions and responsibilities as best as possible despite facing various challenges, and in line with world development, she hopes it (DBP) will continue to be strong, with integrity in its efforts to dignify the national language.

Fadhlina also gave assurance that the Malay language will continue to be defended and that full commitment will be given to DBP’s efforts in spreading and promoting Malay literature not only in the country but also at the international level.


Towards this effort, she said that for the first time her party brought the celebration event to schools as a step in bringing the DBP closer to the people.

“We all feel the importance of the (Malay) language and want all parties to know that we have an important enough mandate to defend, fight for and dignify the Malay language,” she also said.

Earlier at the event, she also launched ‘Program Majalah Dalam Kelas Kembali ke Sekolah Peringkat Kebangsaan’ and ‘Buku Antologi Kumpulan Puisi dan Esei Kesaktian Lidah Rakyat’.

Also present at the event were DBP chairman of the governing board Datuk Dr Anwar Ridhwan and DBP director-general Hazami Jahari. — Bernama


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