CAIRO: The League of Islamic Universities will hold a virtual international conference on Sunday to discuss the role of universities in serving societies and consolidating social values.

The Muslim World League is sponsoring the conference in addition to contributions from the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments.

Al-Azhar University, Alexandria University, Institute of Moderation at the King Abdul Aziz University, and the World Muslim Communities’ Council, several ministers, senior scholars, educationists, and experts will take part in the event.

Dr. Osama Al-Abed, secretary- general of the league, said the Muslim World League Secretary- General Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa will open the conference.

Al-Abed said the MWL chief will discuss the role of universities in ensuring social cohesion.

Al-Issa will also discuss the role universities could play in addressing modern challenges effectively.

The conference will also discuss ways to promote the use of technology in the Muslim world, critical thinking, and methods to confront extremist ideology.

Participants of the event will also highlight the changes in the education sector caused due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Experts will present papers on ways to revitalize the roles of universities in social development and for the promotion of tolerant Islamic values to make the youth productive members of their respective societies.



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