'Life or glass more important?' Passer-by in China asks after parents blame him for smashing car window to rescue son

To save a life or some money? Well, one couple in China has been accused of veering towards the latter option.

In an incident that happened on July 2, passers-by in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu found a taxi parked by the side of the road with a boy sleeping in the locked vehicle. 

The boy had reportedly been asleep for an hour and did not stir despite worried onlookers hitting the window and shaking the vehicle, which had its engine turned off.

His parents who arrived at the scene later explained that they had accidentally left their keys inside the car, reported 8world.

Afraid that the boy’s life might be in danger due to the lack of oxygen in the car, one onlooker, surnamed Lin, suggested breaking the car window to rescue the boy. The child’s age was not reported.

The man had reportedly been eating with friends nearby but stepped forward to investigate after hearing about the boy.

The boy’s parents however, rejected Lin’s suggestion, expressing their unwillingness in having to repair the damaged window. According to some sources online, they had shared with onlookers earlier that they were waiting for a locksmith to arrive.

Agitated by their response, Lin reportedly questioned the parents, “Is a life more important or the glass?”, adding that he would pay for the damages incurred.

With the help of another onlooker, Lin managed to break the glass window and carried the child out of the vehicle.

By that point, the boy had awoken from his sleep and appeared to be unharmed.

Lin, who had recorded the incident, subsequently uploaded the video on the internet.

However, he later shared that the boy’s parents had contacted him and requested that he remove the clip. He added that the incident left him feeling “cold” as he felt blamed by the parents for doing a good deed.

According to Chinese media reports, netizens have reportedly been on Lin’s side, chiding the “irresponsible” parents. Others suggested that Lin should have called the police as he wouldn’t have had to bear the blame or the cost then.

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