'Like this also wanna complain': Netizens defend auntie cooking rice dumplings in HDB balcony

Having considerate neighbours is a major plus for HDB homeowners.

After all, nobody wants the drama that comes with neighbour feuds, right?

A woman cooking bak chang (rice dumplings) in the privacy of what looks like her balcony to celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival on June 3 found herself filmed by a seemingly irate neighbour.

The 64-second video was posted on Singapore Incidents’ social media accounts on Wednesday (June 1).

In the clip, the woman could be seen squatting as she worked the wok with a spatula amid some potted plants and a gas cylinder.

“Neighbour complaining [sic] auntie cooking at HDB balcony for dumpling festival,” the caption read.

It is unknown where this incident took place but netizens certainly had plenty to say about the matter. 

“Maybe becoz [sic] neighbour didn’t get the dumpling, so report,” one Facebook user suggested.


Others thought that neighbour who was using charcoal to cook could present a fire hazard.




An AsiaOne report last year about some elderly residents cooking dumplings along the HDB corridor sparked a debate on whether it was safe to do so. 

As a general guideline, regardless of how a HDB common corridor is used, there must be a minimum clear escape passage of 1.2 metres to minimise obstruction in a fire emergency, according to the Singapore Civil Defence Force website.

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