Retired screen legend Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia has opened up on social media about her famous friends, such as late singers Anita Mui and Teresa Teng, and actress Joey Wong.

The reminiscing was prompted by her Weibo post of a Louis Vuitton make-up case on Tuesday (Jan 5).

“It has been 35 years since it was taken out today. Although it is mouldy, it still functions and is very good and very solid,” she wrote. The case was a gift from longtime friend Nansun Shi, a famed producer and ex-wife of film-maker Tsui Hark.

Fans then asked her to reveal more about other stars and she had only nice things to say.

Lin said of Wong, widely regarded as one of the “four flowers” of the Hong Kong movie industry for her beauty: “(She) is so tall, her skin is so delicate and fair, and she speaks softly with a slightly breathy voice and likes to laugh very much.”


The 66-year-old, who left show business in 1994 after her marriage to Hong Kong businessman Michael Ying, revived her Weibo account a couple of months ago after a hiatus of six years.

Besides promoting her new book – In Front And Behind The Mirror, the third and final instalment of a trilogy which charts her illustrious career – she has been interacting with her fans on Weibo, taking the time to answer almost every comment.

When asked about Taiwanese singer Teng, who died in 1995 of a severe asthma attack, she said: “She is someone who is considerate of others in every way.”

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Lin was then asked about Mui, whom she had also mentioned in an essay in her latest book.

She recalled that Shi had phoned her and wept over Mui’s death in 2003 from cervical cancer at the age of 40.

“I dreamt about Shi and Mui that night and had an intense headache the next day. The pulsating neurological pain lasted several days,” she wrote in her essay.

On Weibo, she praised Mui, using the Chinese phrase “jianghu ernu”, which implied that she regarded the late singer as loyal, carefree and bold.

A number of netizens also asked for her thoughts on the late Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung, who had committed suicide at the age of 46 on April 1, 2003.

As it was a sensitive topic, she said: “Let me think about how to write it.”

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