Lion in China zoo turns heads for sporting bangs, goes viral as keepers deny giving it a haircut

White lion sports a fringe hairstyle. — Picture via Xiaohongshu (我跑不动了)

White lion sports a fringe hairstyle. — Picture via Xiaohongshu (我跑不动了)

By Chris Raven

Tuesday, 31 May 2022 12:26 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 — A lion in a China zoo became an instant Internet celebrity worldwide after it was spotted sporting bangs.

The viral pictures of the white lion was initially taken by a visitor to the Guangzhou Zoo and posted the pictures to her Little Red Book (Xiangzhou) page, reported Mashable.

Many had commented that they believed the zookeepers were responsible for the lion’s unique hairstyle.

This however has been denied by the zoo, reported Guangdong, with zoo authorities saying that they would not dare to cut the lion’s mane.

One Little Red Book user claimed that the same lion appeared different when they visited the zoo a few weeks ago and that they were doubtful of the denial.

Another Little Red Book user commented, “[Guangzhou Zoo] did you cut this hairstyle? [The] bangs are so ugly, they are not suitable for it”.

The zoo mentioned that the hairstyle was likely caused by humidity in the area and also lions groom themselves by licking their fur, which can cause changes in the appearance of their mane over time.

The mane of a lion is known to alter throughout time and the mane of an aged lion can get darker, lighter, longer, or shorter.

The condition of a lion’s mane is usually a sign of the lion’s health, such as whether it is young and fit or growing older and weaker.


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