Litter of abandoned kitties rescued at Marsiling Park (Videos)

A search and rescue operation has been commended online recently after a passerby witnessed a heartless owner abandoning a litter of cats at a park.

Safu yesterday said he spotted a man dropping off five cats — one adult cat and four kittens — and sped off at Marsiling Park late at night. 

“I was working out at midnight when I saw someone abandoned a group of kittens and drove off,” the caption in the video read.

A police report has been filed and the neighborhood MPs and the National Parks Board have been informed, Safu said.

It was past midnight and Safu had lost the will to work out so he called in his friend and uncle as reinforcements to save the felines. All but one kitten was caught and put into carriers. The cats were “so scared,” “confused and lost.”

‘On the brink of collapse’: Not enough rescuers for all of Singapore’s abandoned pets

Thankfully, a user volunteered to help search for the kitten and finally found it hiding between a ledge last night. 

Several users volunteered to adopt them but the cats are currently being fostered by the uncle while investigations are ongoing.

Safu said the culprit tried to abandon the cats “secretly” and it was “quite fast.” He exited the car park after and did not come back.

“I just happened to be there. Without my friend and his uncle’s help, I would feel helpless cause it happened past midnight 🥺,” he said.

Pet abandonment has been a rising issue in Singapore in recent years, causing animal shelters and vigilante groups to struggle to care for the growing number of disowned animals.

While it is punishable under the law to abandon an animal, some have complained that the penalty is too lenient and that culprits have gotten away with minuscule fines, that is, if they are caught in the first place.

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