Live it up like Shrek: Now you can rent his swamp on Airbnb for free

Over the past two decades, Shrek has managed to maintain its relevance in the pop culture sphere.

The movie franchise has given us six films (two of which are spin-offs), memorable characters, hilarious memes and locales that are right out of a fairytale book. 

Many of us have dreamt of visiting places like Far Far Away and The Dragon’s Keep (the tower where Princess Fiona was held captive). Now, you have the chance to turn those dreams into reality. 

Airbnb, in perfect timing for Halloween, has brought Shrek’s swamp to life.

Nestled among the hills of the Scottish Highlands, one can live in Shrek’s humble abode in all its swampy glory.

Booking a stay at this magical place opens on Oct 13 at 1am. The accommodation can comfortably host up to three people, and it will be available from Oct 27 to Oct 29. 

@airbnb Cottagecore is so “once upon a time.” It’s swampcore’s time to shine. Booking for Shrek’s Swamp opens October 13 at 10am PT at #shrek #airbnb ♬ original sound – airbnb

It’s worth noting that this is not a contest, and best of all, the stay is entirely free of charge.

Fans of Shrek won’t be disappointed, as the attention to detail in recreating the swamp is down to a tee.

As you approach, you’ll be greeted by the iconic “keep-out” signs right in front of the mud-laden cottage nestled under a tree.

Step inside, and you’ll find furnishings straight out of the movie, from wooden furnishings to tree branches and tree trunks adorning the walls.

You will easily spot the green earwax candle, reminiscent of the one Shrek pulled from his ear in the movie.

Just like how Shrek had to leave his cottage to do his business, the toilet is conveniently located just 20 metres from the house – the devil is truly in the details.

Other amenities include fresh waffles in the morning, a fireplace, and privacy – and by that we mean no WiFi.

The listing on the site even states the lovable Donkey as the host.

What does he have to say about this charming place?

According to Donkey, “Shrek’s Swamp is lovely. Just beautiful. The perfect place to entertain guests” “I can’t wait for guests to experience this muddy slice of paradise for themselves.” he added.

On top of all that, Airbnb will make a one-time donation to the HopScotch Children’s Charity, an organisation that focuses on providing “respite breaks for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children through nurturing and dynamic holiday trips.”

Remember when you could stay in Barbie’s crib?

This isn’t Airbnb’s first venture into bringing movie-inspired homes to life. In June, Airbnb featured Barbie’s iconic Malibu DreamHouse on its site in celebration of the live-action film.

The oceanfront house was bathed in the brand’s signature pink, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all Barbie-inspired; it turns out she was busy shooting the movie, leaving Ken as the host.

Consequently, the house was adorned with Ken’s “Kenergy,” featuring cowboy hats, boots, horse-imprinted duvets, and the like.

Other similar projects include the house from Bluey, the cottage from Hocus Pocus, and the original Home Alone house.

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