DUBAI (REUTERS) –  A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck south-west Iran near the town of Sisakht on Wednesday evening (Feb 17)  and at least 10 people were injured, state television said.

“People in Sisakht and the town of Yasuj left their homes in panic. Water and electricity have been cut off in Sisakht,” a local official in the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad told the TV.

“Rescue teams and ambulances have been dispatched to the area… So far 10 people have been injured.”

The state news agency IRNA said the quake, felt in several cities and towns in the region, struck at a depth of 10km at 10.05pm local time (2.35am on Thursday, Singapore time).

“There are still no reports of fatalities,” IRNA said.

Iran is crisscrossed by major geological fault lines and has suffered several devastating earthquakes in recent years.


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