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Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the gay-sex video scandal is not a moral issue, but a political one and it will be handled as such.

Dr Mahathir said the videos implicating a minister and a high ranking official from the party of PM-to-be-Anwar Ibrahim are fake.

But with the police confirming the videos as genuine and not doctored, the PM says the police has to deal with the ‘masterminds’ behind the distribution of the videos.

He also said he is not defending the minister who is allegedly involved in the videos.

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A series of videos came out in June right after the holy month of Ramadan in Malaysia showing two men having gay sex. Police said it cannot determine if the men are the people allegedly involved in the illicit acts. Gay sex is illegal in Malaysia and is punishable according to law.

One man is still being investigated for his confession that he was in the video.

However, Dr Mahathir, writing in his blog after a long hiatus, says an attempt was made to get him to fire the minister who is accused by Haziq Aziz, the confessor.

Haziq made daring claims in a video days after the gay-sex tapes went public saying he is in the videos and his partner is Azmin Ali, a protege of Dr Mahathir and minister of Economic Affairs.

Azmin is also the deputy-President of the PKR and has since been on a war-path against party President Anwar Ibrahim.

With the police unable to identify who is in the videos implicating Azmin, the latter says he is cleared of the accusations. Anwar has also welcomed conclusions from the police, saying he is glad his deputy has been cleared of the gay sex videos.

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Nevertheless, Dr Mahathir is bent on seeing justice done in the political arena and is insisting the police take action against the perpetrators. -/TISG

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